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Access free Agriculture data for research, in-class use, and to build engaging class projects. Apply to get started today!

Free access to the best data in Agriculture for your Ag Economics program

Fuel your Ag Economics program with the same tools and data that the leading agribusinesses use. With free access to cutting edge data from the leader in Ag technology you can more easily create engaging projects for students, publish research more easily, and create better student outcomes by building familiarity with the tools they’ll use after graduation.

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Access market leading Ag data for your program today

  • Getting Started - Simply fill out the “Apply Now” form on this page by providing information on your program, how the data is going to be used, and a link to your profile on the University website. We’ll setup a call one of our account managers and you’ll be on your way to fueling your program with better data.
  • API Access - We’ll deliver the data to your program through access to our APIs. Your API keys will be limited to use within the IP address range of your university, but can be freely used among professors and your students.
  • Software Access - As part of this program, we’re also making one cmdtyView Pro terminal, with included cmdtyView for Excel Add-In, available for use in your classroom. It’s the leading data platform for agribusinesses and will allow your students to get familiar with the tools they’ll use on the job. Additional licenses can be provided at a discounted rate.
  • Experts Available - Get access to our team of data and ag market experts to assist in guiding your school’s research. We can provide insights on how to use the data and help your students get up to speed quickly.
  • Cooperative Projects - We have many challenging projects we’re working on and our team is always looking for help. We can provide engaging, relevant, and dynamic research projects for your students to participate in - and can tailor these projects to the needs of your program. If you have ideas, we’re all ears!
  • Access to Events - Barchart puts on many Ag-oriented events throughout the year, including our cmdtyExchange Grain Summit, and our roadshows throughout the country. Get access for your students and ensure our team stops by your university during one of our roadshows. These are unique opportunities for your students to network with potential employers, and learn about the issues that are impacting modern ag markets.
  • What’s the Catch? - There isn’t one. We just ask that the data be used within the confines of your academic program. That’s it!

Included Data Access

  • Grain Price and Basis Benchmarks - Our Grain Price and Basis Indexes are the only benchmark for physical grain in North America. These indexes are commonly used in building grain marketing strategies, as benchmarks for contracts, and as objective prices for Crop Insurance and Ag Lending.
  • Cash Grain Prices Database - Get access to the leading database for current and historical North American grain bids. Collected from over 4,000 locations throughout the United States, our bids are best in class and allow for comparison between indexed values and actual bids.
  • Production Forecast Indexes - Our yield forecasts allow users to get better information faster than through traditional USDA reports. With forecast data that is ahead of the curve you can build robust pricing models for futures - or combine with our basis indexes to build a crop marketing strategy.
  • Advanced Ag Weather Factors - Our CropFactors API provides weather data/factors specific to Ag Industry including satellite imagery derived weather factors, like Normalized Difference Vegetation Index (NDVI), Normalized Difference Water Index (NDWI), and Land Surface Temperature (LSTD & LSTN). Additionally station collected weather data, like air temperature (TMAX & TMIN), and accumulated precipitation (PRCP) is available.


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