Basis Forecast Indexes

Basis Forecast Indexes

Simplify how you price bids and market grain more effectively with 9,000+ localized basis forecasts that outperform your current forward curve.

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Grain Buyers

Improve your pricing strategy with forecasts that combine historical seasonality and current spot pricing to generate a forward curve that more effectively predicts future spot basis.

Grain Marketers

Improve your grain marketing strategies to grow your business and help your clients. Quickly identify mispriced basis opportunities and position your portfolio accordingly.


Our forecasts outperform grain bid forward curves and we’ve got the data to prove it. Combine twelve months of basis forecasts, our basis indexes, and yield forecasts to earn more from your crop.

Improve Your Pricing with Basis Forecasts that Perform

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Barchart Basis Forecast Indexes

Price Index Symbol Delivery Value Change % Change Date*
Iowa Corn Basis Forecast M4 ZCBA04IA.CM Aug-23 -0.145 +0.008 +5.47% 05/24/23
Illinois Corn Basis Forecast M4 ZCBA04IL.CM Aug-23 -0.209 -0.008 -4.14% 05/24/23
Nebraska Corn Basis Forecast M4 ZCBA04NE.CM Aug-23 -0.114 -0.008 -7.47% 05/24/23
Minnesota Corn Basis Forecast M4 ZCBA04MN.CM Aug-23 -0.202 +0.002 +1.17% 05/24/23
Iowa Soybean Basis Forecast M4 ZSBA04IA.CM Aug-23 -0.254 -0.007 -2.66% 05/24/23
Illinois Soybean Basis Forecast M4 ZSBA04IL.CM Aug-23 -0.102 -0.009 -9.40% 05/24/23
Nebraska Soybean Basis Forecast M4 ZSBA04NE.CM Aug-23 -0.346 -0.002 -0.61% 05/24/23
Minnesota Soybean Basis Forecast M4 ZSBA04MN.CM Aug-23 -0.261 +0.003 +1.29% 05/24/23
* Public Basis Forecasts represent only a small portion of our overall coverage. cmdtyView Pro and API subscribers can access daily updates for over 9,000 basis forecasts.

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