Crop Insurance Tools and Benchmarks

Crop Insurance Tools and Benchmarks

Price your underwriting more effectively and settle to a benchmark that reflects real pricing conditions for each of your contracts.

Price Contracts Better

Estimate production and variance more effectively with yield and basis estimates available at the county level. With more risk insights you can price more aggressively and accurately.

Improve Your Payments

With County, CRD, State, and National benchmarks for Corn, Beans, and Wheat, you can more precisely structure your contracts to reflect where grain trades in each underwriting area.

Better Tools for You

We make it simple to get the data you need and integrate it into your workflows or enterprise processes. With software solutions for the individual and APIs for the enterprise we can get you started today!

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Reduce Market Risk

Our products power your underwriting models with better information so your business can make improved underwriting decisions. With advanced yield estimates and forward basis projections you can build a more effective pricing system.

Sensitivity Analysis & Stress Testing

Use our data to help you prepare base case and sensitivity analyses on your contracts or entire portfolio. With deep historical coverage of fundamentals, forwards, yield estimates, and and benchmark pricing for basis and cash, you can build models as complex or as simple as you need.

Improved Contract Precision

Our benchmark prices for North American grain are available for each of your underwriting areas, and at the level of granularity you need. Settle to a localized benchmark that reflects realized conditions and sets your firm apart.

Agriculture Data

Get access to our global coverage of agricultural markets in real-time with exclusive pricing, estimates, and forecasts on the data sets that matter to your business. Our broad data and customizable delivery capabilities allow you to scale your workflow and build enterprise-grade tools.

  • Crop Insurance Benchmarks
    Our Grain Price and Basis Indexes are the only benchmark for physical grain in North America. With objective pricing data for all of your underwriting areas you’ll be able to better forecast cash flows, build better underwriting models, and settle more effectively today!

  • Yield Forecasts
    Why wait for the USDA to provide you with the information you need to price your contracts? Our daily yield estimates ensure that each contract you write is priced on the latest localized growing conditions. Don’t get caught making decisions on old and inaccurate data.

  • Physical Grain Prices
    Best-in-class intraday and historical data from 4,000+ grain buying facilities. Why use anything but the best? Our prices power the leading AgTech platforms and are recognized by Ag Media as benchmarks for the US market. Did you need access to international grain prices? We have those too.

  • Fundamental Ag Data
    We’ve got global coverage of commodity fundamentals from the USDA, StatsCan, Eurostat, and more. Barchart is the number one source for global commodity fundamentals and we can show you how to deploy our data to drive results for your business.

Tools & Analytics

  • OnDemand APIs
    Get data over one of our simple OnDemand APIs. Consume direct form the source and integrate into your enterprise software solutions. We help you build amazing tools and scale your business. Let us know how we can help!

  • cmdtyView Pro
    Access all of our data including global exchange data, physical commodity prices, and global commodity fundamentals all in one place. With cmdtyView Pro, you can get your feet wet using our data and build a proof-of-concept before committing to our APIs for your enterprise solution. Schedule a demo with one of our product experts today!

  • cmdtyView for Excel
    If it’s available in cmdtyView Pro, then it’s available in cmdtyView for Excel. Build highly scalable models using our global data warehouse and keep your internal and external stakeholders informed. Only through the combination of our broad market data, global cash prices, and commodity fundamentals can you deliver a global view of the market in one simple-to-use dashboard. Get all the scale you need with cmdtyView for Excel.

Our clients include...

Fisher's Ag Insurance Farmers Mutual Hail Insurance Silveus Insurance Group Ag Southwest Crop & Ranch Insurance Hudson Insurance Company Hometown Insurance Agency Brueggeman Crop Insurance AgriLogic Insurance Services Diversified Crop Insurance Services Great American Insurance Group Rain & Hail Insurance Co.


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