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Content Source Category Frequency Depth Options Start MIC Code Operating Mic EOD History Tick History Region Country
Cboe Indexes Cboe Index 13 Last XCBF XCBF 1990-01-02 2009-04-20 Americas US
Dow Jones Indexes CME Group Index 13 Last XCME XCME 1914-12-14 2008-05-05 Americas US
Euronext Indices Euronext Index 5 Last XEUE XEUE 2016-07-20 2018-07-25 EMEA Pan-European
NASDAQ Indexes NASDAQ Index 13 Last XNAS XNAS 1984-10-11 2008-05-05 Americas US
S&P Indexes CME Group Index 13 Last XCME XCME 1980-01-01 2009-04-20 Americas US
TSX Indices TMX Group Index 13 Last XTSE XTSE 2000-01-04 2011-09-06 Americas Canada