Commodity Data APIs

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Commodity Price APIs

The getQuote API is used to request price data, real-time, delayed or end-of-day. In addition to Last Price or Settlement, other fields such as Open, High, Low, Bid, Ask, 52-week high and low, and more are available.

The getHistory API is used to request historical time series for exchange data, indexes, local grain bids, or cash commodities. Historical data may be available as tick, minute bars or end-of-day depending on the underlying dataset.

Economic Data & Commodity Statistics

The getCmdtyStats API is used to request information on various fundamentals, commodity statistics, and economic data. Users can request information by data series with historical information available through to inception for most series. cmdtyStats™ is the premier source of aggregated commodity statistics – all made available in one easy to use API.

The getCmdtyStatsId API is used identify instrument identifiers that can be passed to getCmdtyStats in order to request data on the applicable series. Users can search for data series based on search parameters covering content, source, area, frequency, and more.

The getCmdtyCalendar API provides users with the latest updates of economic activity and commodity trading events. Release detail includes previous, revised, and actual values. Users can request calendar events for desired period, and filter the output via various methods - category, importance, event country, and event symbol. The calendar is updated 3 times a day.

Use this tool to identify possible values that can be passed to getCmdtyStatsId – allowing users to interact with cmdtyStats quickly and efficiently.

Commodity Indexes & Grain Prices

The getGrainInstruments API is used to request symbol and metadata information regarding physical grain instruments across Barchart's cash bids and grain indexes. Users can request information based on crop type / root symbol, geo-location, or areas that are codified by FIPS standards. Returned instruments and their corresponding symbols can be passed to getQuote or getHistory to retrieve the associated price data - as requested by the end user.

The getGrainBids API provides cash bid data for 30 closest locations in relation to the requested zip code.

The getCRBIndexes API provides historical price data for our CRB BLS Spot Commodity Indexes. The Spot Market Price Index measures price movements of 22 cash commodities whose markets are highly sensitive to changes in economic conditions.

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