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Options Market Overview

Thu, May 25th, 2023
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Options News

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Unusual Options Activity in Amazon Calls Shows Deep Faith In its Turnaround

A large unusual options position was taken yesterday in Amazon calls that are deep in the money and expire 4 months out. This shows that the large investor has deep faith in Amazon's turnaround.

AMZN : 116.75 (+1.53%)
Here’s Why Murphy Oil (MUR) Might Be Worth Speculating On

Although the hydrocarbon sector hasn’t been off to a great start, upstream player Murphy Oil could be interesting as a possible forward inflation trade.

MUR : 37.39 (+2.19%)
Will Profit Taking in Cattle Continue?

The lack of new news following last week's Cattle on Feed report has prompted some long liquidation in live cattle in the first two days of the week. Will today mark a third day of profit taking?

Options Put/Call Ratio

$CPC Total Put/Call Ratio 1.02
52-Week Low
52-Week High
$CPCI Index Put/Call Ratio 1.23
52-Week Low
52-Week High
$CPCS Equity Put/Call Ratio 0.90
52-Week Low
52-Week High
$CPCB Bond Put/Call Ratio 0.99
52-Week Low
52-Week High

Unusual Options Activity Report

Highest Implied Volatility

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Index Options

Symbol %Calls %Puts
$DJX 69.4% 30.6%
Dow Jones Industrials 1/100Th
$IUXX 55.6% 44.4%
Nasdaq 100 Index
$ONE 29.0% 71.0%
S&P 100 Index
$SPX 43.0% 57.0%
S&P 500 Index
$VIX 53.4% 46.6%
CBOE Volatility Index
$XEO 25.0% 75.0%
S&P 100 Index European Style
$XND 24.2% 75.8%
Nasdaq 100 Mini-Ndx Options Index
$XSP 44.1% 55.9%
S&P 500 Mini-Spx Options Index

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